New Technologies to Treat Knee Pain

Ease of movement, unrestricted activity are properties of our body that ensure a comfortable life. Let’s talk about New Technologies to Treat Knee Pain.

Biomechanical correction

Treatment of joints at our clinic will result in long-lasting results. The method makes it possible to restore the deep fixation musculature, the musculo-articular balance, as well as to eliminate dislocations and deformities in the musculoskeletal system in the pelvis, the spine and the joints. The essence of the method lies in the selective treatment of the target deep muscle groups with the help of patented simulators. Based on many years of clinical experience, the specialists know which layers of muscle groups have to be activated for the elimination of pain and further treatment. Special training modules are used to set precise amplitudes, forces and loading angles, thereby enabling the target deep muscle groups to be involved in the process.

Strengthening of muscular corsets

The computerized HUR training machines are especially designed for joint and back training. The trainers are equipped with load control and dosing systems and have no age restrictions. The HUR method is a set of exercises on high-tech medical simulators with an individually designed therapy programme. Thanks to the dosed individual load, which is monitored by a computer and a specialist, the technique is as safe as possible. The method relieves back pain in cases of osteochondrosis, neuralgia and muscle spasms. A course of exercises on computerised medical simulators can effectively strengthen the muscular corset and restore range of motion.

Hyaluronic acid injections

Lack of knee fluid causes friction and destruction of cartilage. Hyaluronic acid helps the production of collagen, which retains the necessary water in the cavity.

Imperative-corrective gymnastics

This technique is based on correcting muscular balance. The treatment of specific muscle groups directs the muscles into the right direction, while relieving pain and increasing mobility in the affected body segment.


A taping is an elastic tape, which is held in place by an adhesive

adhesive backing adapts firmly to the body and can be moved around without feeling. The proper fixation of the tape ensures the restoration of correct motion in the joint, normalises blood flow and muscle function and reduces the severity of pain.